4,230 miles
86 days
175,000ft elevation gain
42 amazingly generous hosts
12 mountain passes
11 states/provinces
8 cities
7 National Forests
6 National Parks
5 Continental Divide crossings
2 National Monuments & Memorials
2 ferry rides
1 National Grassland
1 night camping in a severe storm (never again)
1 turtle saved from near certain death
Hundreds of wind turbines
1 (and thankfully only 1) time riding through a herd of bison
Probably a couple gallons of ice cream consumed
1 creepy dude
1 rodeo
1 National Mustard Museum
Lots of rail trails
1 tunnel straight outta Spirited Away
1 of the world’s largest nutcracker collections
1 palace adorned with corn
Countless acres of corn
1 crashed college reunion party
A little over an inch of beard growth
1 time camping in an alpaca pasture
Dozens of rad people met along the way
Too many headwinds
Not enough tailwinds



I am very happy to report that Frank and I successfully made it to the Pacific Coast this past Tuesday, August 20th! 86 days after I initially left Glen Rock, New Jersey on May 27th.

Since I haven’t written in quite a few weeks, I realize this update may be a surprise to some. I may as well have dropped off of the map for over a month!

To be honest, writing as much as I did was unsustainable… for me, at least. Finding the time to document the trip while also sleeping, eating, conversing with hosts, and seeing the sights proved to be a constant struggle, one that was most often satisfied by foregoing on one of life’s most important necessities… sleep. After 33 posts, I thought a lot about the above realization and allowed myself to stop writing altogether in favor of alloting more time to live in the present and enjoy the adventure to the fullest. In hindsight, it was the right decision.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this blog and shared in the experience. Your comments were exceptionally motivating throughout the journey and the support Frank and I received was enthusiastic and unwavering. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be preparing a photo album of selected pictures from the tour as well as a reflection post.

Frank and I are currently biking East to Seattle, where I suspect I’ll be spending at least a couple days before flying back to the East Coast. We’ll likely stay with a series of Warmshowers hosts, but if you or anyone you know are in the Seattle area, I’d be great to connect. It’s my first time in the city, after all. 🙂

Until next time!

13 thoughts on “WE DID IT!

  1. Congratulations!!!!! So enjoyed all your posts and following your trip. It was great to be able to see other parts of our country along with you! You deserve a lot of credit for doing what you did! I think it took courage most of all to start a journey such as yours! What a story you will have to tell to your own children someday!!!!


  2. You have a gift, Quinn McHugh. Thanks for sharing it these last nearly 90 days. You proved that you can do anything you set your mind to. Enjoy a bit of R&R!


  3. I hope you will allow yourself time to compose your written thoughts in the near future. You’ll cherish those writings later in life. But, that said, I am so glad you chose living in the moment vs informing all of us. That’s so much like people photographing famous works of art instead of just being with the art. So, you chose correctly for you. Lots of love to you & Frank. Can’t wait to see you upon your return! oxoxo Aunt Lisa


  4. Woo Hoo!!! Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplish that you can remember for the rest of your life.
    Sit back and savor it all. We are all so very proud of you!!


  5. What an amazing jjourney! Thanks for sharing it with you and allowing us to live vicariously through your pics and posts! Wishing you continued safe travels.


  6. Just fantastic Quinn & Frank. It HAS been a blast being on this ‘ride’ with you both. Your daily blogs were/are a treasure to read but it seemed once Frank got in the drivers seat with his GO PRO and Instagram we continued the ride with you in another way (which was great too). So very proud of you and this impressive accomplishment. Can’t wait to hear more when you get back to Jersey. XOXO


  7. What a gift, all of your stories have been! Thanks for sharing. My longest bike ride ever was 75 miles, between Burlington, VT and St. Jean sur Richelieu, just out of Montreal. So, well done!!



  8. Hello Quinn ,

    I feel so blessed that I got to experience this trip through you and Frank. You have brought such joy to light beauty and information to my life about these United States. Thank you thank you thank you


  9. Congratulations on your fantastic achievement! So excited for you and I agree: you made the best decision to enjoy your trip, moment by moment. (Thank you, though, for what you shared early on.) Enjoy Seattle… and safe travels home to both of you. Best wishes from Lily.

    On Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 10:35 PM Tour de 10 Percent wrote:

    > Quinnium posted: “4,230 miles 86 daysa 175,000ft elevation gain 42 > amazingly generous hosts 12 mountain passes 11 states/provinces 8 cities 7 > National Forests 6 National Parks 5 Continental Divide crossings 2 National > Monuments & Memorials 2 ferry rides 1 National Gras” >


  10. Quinn. There are very few people out there that could accomplish bicycling across the continent like you have. I am quite the proud dad right now! Can’t wait to celebrate with you when you get home. Love, Dad


  11. Simply amazing Quinn!!
    You should be so proud of your unbelievable accomplishment!
    You now have something to remember and inspire others with for of the rest of your life!
    A wonderful wonderful example of setting a goal and preserving it to the end! Well done.


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