Day 32: Moo-vin’ West

Date: June 27th, 2019

Miles Traveled: 51

Weather: Windy, rainy, and cold in the morning, clear and hot in the afternoon.


  • Had a delicious pancake breakfast courtesy of our previous hosts, Kathy and Craig.
  • Waited for a storm to pass through before setting out on the road at around 11:00am. Weighed our loaded bikes for the first time using Craig’s hook scale. My bike: 80lbs. Frank’s bike: 90lbs.
  • Battled spitting rain and a relentless southern wind for a mile or two. Since I actually like riding in the rain, I reveled in the challenge. This was what made bicycle touring awesome for me — pressing on in spite of Mother Nature’s protests as Led Zepplin’s Immigrant Song played in my head. On we sweep with threshing oar. Our only goal will be the western shore! Frank, on the other hand, with tender IT bands and a fierce dislike for the cold, did not have the same sort of sentiment. Thus, we took a break in downtown Jackson and had second breakfast, where the dude behind the counter, after briefly hearing our story, gave us a second scotcharoo (basically a butterscotch rice crispy with icing) for free. Thanks coffee shop dude.
  • Briefly visited the art collective Kathy and Craig established in downtown Jackson, got introduced to a small classroom full of little kids working on various art pieces, and talked a bit about what we were doing. The look of awe on some of the kids’ faces was absolutely priceless.
  • Rode straight West on highway 35 for the rest of the day, passing by countless farms, cows, and wind turbines along the way. It was on this day that Frank and I discovered the simple joy of moo-ing at cows.
  • Exhausted from the heat, Frank and I stopped in Worthington, Minnesota at Ground Rounds Grill & Bar and brought ourselves back to life with burgers, shakes, and unlimited refills of iced tea.
  • Enjoyed some beautiful cloudscapes and shade in the late afternoon before making it to our destination, a municipal campground in Adrian, Minnesota, around 7:00pm.

4 thoughts on “Day 32: Moo-vin’ West

  1. Hi, Quinn,

    I’m realizing it’s two months and a day since you began this odyssey! Thanks for the post and the photos! Wondering where you are now?

    Looking forward to hearing your reflections once you reach the end of your route. Very interested on your thoughts on the mental vs. physical strength needed to do this; your lowest points; your highest points, etc.. Your debriefing will be most interesting as has been following you on sporadic visits to your blog.

    Wherever you and Frank are today, blessings to you both. May you enjoy the final stretches of your journey.

    With admiration for your endeavor as well as the qualities you have put forth in your writing,


    1. Frank and I are currently in Montana and are heading to a mountainous area northeast of Helena today.

      I’ll keep some of those topics in mind when I end up writing a reflective piece. Thanks for the continued support. 🙂


  2. Awe nice read on classroom. Thinking down the road, you should do a Cub Scout or boy scout talk on your trip.
    Ground Round! Blast from past. Use to be on east coast. Love Mom


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