Day 31: Sea of Green

Date: June 26th, 2019

Miles Traveled: 69

Weather: Mostly cloudy in the morning, mostly sunny in the afternoon. Warm.


  • Woke up at around 6:30AM, cooked up some oatmeal and chatted with Linda, our previous host, before setting out on the road at around 8:30AM.
  • Traveled on highway 60 for 15 miles or so before exiting towards St. James, a small town where the local movie theater plays a single movie each week and in some cases, no movie at all. Coming from New Jersey, a place where movie theaters you’d be hard pressed to find a movie theater without 2 or more screens, I found this to be quite entertaining.
  • Stopped at a sporting goods store to get Frank a pocket knife and an amazing bakery where homemade blueberry donuts were just 79¢ each.
  • Ate lunch at the local pizzeria in town and enjoyed a chilled glass of “1919” root beer for the first time.
  • Traveled through endless countryside consisting of small island forests and an ocean of deep green corn and soybean crops for over 30 miles.
  • Turned off the highway onto a quiet country road and enjoyed awe-inspiring views of wind turbines that could been seen as far as 20 miles into the distance.
  • At around 6:30pm, we made it to the home of our Warmshowers host for the night, Kathy and Craig, in Jackson, Minnesota and was greeted by the most lovable and playful dogs I have ever met named Penny Lane (“Penny” for short).
  • After Frank and I washed up and came back to life with ice cold glasses of lemonade, Kathy gave us a brief tour around their 2200 acre farm on their 4 wheeler while Craig tilled their enormous garden. Prior to our arrival, Kathy (bless her heart) prepared an incredible dinner for us, which after Frank’s first 70 mile day of the trip, was everything we could have hoped for and more. Later that night, we ate dinner together in their porch and shared some great conversation about life on the farm, the annual music festival and art collective Kathy and Craig established in town, and their past cycling adventures (including a tandem ride across the entire state of Minnesota).

Penny ❤

3 thoughts on “Day 31: Sea of Green

  1. Oh beautifully written Blog Quinn , lots of warm And feel good home observations . When you move to the country I will not be surprised 🙂 sadly but happy for your passion found. Love Mom

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