Day 28: Thing 2

Date: June 23rd, 2019

Miles Traveled: 13

Weather: Mostly cloudy. Cool.


  • After packing up my bike at around 7:00AM, I rode through the Carleton College arboretum, pedalled along some local streets, stocked up at a grocery store, and stopped at a local coffee/lunch place called the Hideaway to charge up my body and my power bank. Later today, I would be meeting up with my cousin, Frank, after 28 days on the road. Although this is Frank’s first experience bicycle touring, he was the individual who originally got me into serious road cycling a couple years ago and will be joining me for the rest of this bicycle tour.
  • Knowing I only needed to ride 13 miles to our rendezvous point at Big Woods Nerstrand State Park, I hung out at Hideaway for a couple hours before heading South along some hilly farmland. At this time, Frank had already gotten off of the plane and had begun his 50 mile ride to the state park.
  • At around 5:00PM, I arrived in Big Woods Nerstrand State Park, set up camp, and awaited for Frank’s arrival…

…and waited.


…and waited.


…and waited.

  • Despite communicating with Frank at around 6:45PM, I had not heard from him in roughly 2 hours. Worried, I continued to text him about the status of the approaching storm, sent words of encouragement, and let him know where could find me when he got to the state park.
  • Finally, at around 9:30PM, Frank arrived, soaked and exhausted from the rain and mud he had to pedal through during the last 45 minutes, yet elated at having made it through his first day of the trip (and a terribly strenuous one at that). I nearly teared up at the sight of him. I was worried sick.
  • Since this was the first time Frank had the opportunity to set up his tent and setting a tent up in a thunderstorm is not exactly an enjoyable experience, we ended up eating dinner and camping under the campground pavilion that night — Frank in his new tent… and me under the sink in my sleeping bag (my tent was set up at our actual campsite and figured it’d be best if we stuck together. The fact that there were no mosquitoes had a large influence on that decision).

Until next time!

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