Day 27: Barn Bluff

Date: June 22nd, 2019

Miles Traveled: 40

Weather: Clear in the morning, mostly cloudy in the afternoon. Warm.


  • At 5:30am, I woke up, quickly packed up my tent, and descended down from the empty ice hockey rink nestled in a large park (my stealth camping spot) into downtown Red Wing, Minnesota.
  • Stopped at a bakery called “Hanisch Bakery” and got two way-too-sugary donuts for breakfast. Mistakes were made.
  • Rode a mile or two to the trailhead of the previously mentioned “Barn Bluff”, locked my bike to a post, and proceed to hike up the mountain. Enjoyed some gorgeous views of the Mississippi River and the surrounding area.
  • Hiked down the bluff along a somewhat treacherous path and marveled at an enormous cliff face to my right. Several pairs of rock climbers could be seen attempting to climb up the bumpy wall of rock.
  • Hopped back on my bike and traveled Northwest to the Cannon Valley Trail, a smooth, 20 mile bike path that wound its way through a number of lush forests, rivers, and creeks.
  • Had lunch in Cannon Falls and continued West through endless farmland.
  • Arrived in Northfield, Wisconsin at around 7:00PM and soon found a secluded (and unlocked) baseball dugout at Carleton College to pitch my tent in for the night — there was a chance of severe storms in the forecast, after all.
  • Cooked some rice and beans for dinner and kept hearing loud music coming from somewhere to my right — did some Googling and apparently, it was Carleton College’s reunion weekend, a time in which hundreds of alumni come together to reunite and enjoy festivities throughout campus.
  • After changing into my best clothes (pants and a t-shirt), walking around the Carleton campus, and unsuccessfully working up the courage to walk into one of the many events and “act like I belonged”, I strolled back to my tenting spot and wallowed in my shame.
  • Later that night, I began to hear not typical party music, but rave music coming from a large tent I had passed by earlier. Turns out, it was the class of 2014’s “Not So Silent” party happening from 8:00PM to 12:00AM.
  • And so… at around 10:00pm, I confidentally walked right over to the tent filled with what must’ve been over 100 people in their late 20’s, proceeded to party with the Carleton College’s Class of 2014 for the next 2 hours, and left without knowing the name of a single person there.

Until next time!

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