Day 26: Steve-Land

Date: June 21st, 2019

Miles Traveled: 50

Weather: Overcast in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon. Moderately warm.


  • At 7:00AM, I packed up my tent and texted my previous host to check whether or not I should lock the front door to her house before I departing for the day. Not only did she say to keep the front door unlocked, but she insisted that I take her tandem bike in the garage for a spin and eat some of the fresh strawberries growing in their backyard garden. Needless to say, I obliged.
  • After pedalling out of Buffalo City, I continued along highway 23 and enjoyed views of enormous bluffs to my right and expansive wetland to my left.
  • Pedalled across the Mississippi River via highway 25, saved a small box turtle from near certain death, and had my second (and last) bald eagle sighting.
  • Crossed into Minnesota (the home of my good friend, Steve Solkela)
  • Chased an osprey back and forth along the coast of Lake City in order to (unsuccessfully) get a good picture of it holding a fish.
  • Witnessed a flock of about 100 vultures congregating in flight for reasons unknown.
  • Got beeped at by a car… and stopped next to that car at a vehicle lineup only to find out that the couple inside were fellow bicycle tourists attempting to give me encouragement.
  • Arrived in Red Wing, Minnesota at around 6:30pm and was immediately awestruck by the “Barn Bluff”, a massive, oval protrusion of Earth that raises high above the downtown area of the city.
  • Explored Red Wing for a bit, got an overpriced burrito for dinner, and stealth camped in an outdoor ice hockey rink at the very edge of a large park.

Until next time!

7 thoughts on “Day 26: Steve-Land

    1. Thanks! It’s been a wild adventure thus far. After reaching the Pacific Ocean, we’ll be pedalling to Seattle, packing up the bikes, and taking a plane back to New Jersey.


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