Day 25: Mississippi Ridin’

Date: June 20th, 2019

Miles Traveled: 44

Weather: Clear in the morning, overcast in the afternoon. Warm with a slight tailwind.


  • Said goodbye to my previous hosts in La Valle, Wisconsin and rode onto the Great River State Trail, a multi-use dirt path that runs right alongside the Mississippi River.
  • Stopped at a pavilion called the “Great River Landing” and attempted to play the public drums and xylophones there.
  • Bicycled with a face mask over my mouth for a couple miles to prevent having flies and gnats for lunch.
  • Had my first bald eagle sighting of the trip.
  • Had lunch outside of a deli shop in Trempealeau, Wisconsin quite literally housed inside of a caboose.
  • Chatted with an older pair of women outside the deli shop who had priceless expressions once I verified that I actually did bike here from New Jersey.
  • Hung around the town of Trempealeau for until 5:00PM just to have the Historic Trempealeau Hotel’s famed “walnut burger” (per my previous hosts recommendation) — so worth it.
  • Continued on through the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge and onto highway 35.
  • Enjoyed some great views of the upper Mississippi River valley.
  • Pushed my bike past a closed construction zone to save myself from an extra 4 miles of biking through mountainous terrain.
  • Made it to Buffalo City, Wisconsin, passed by a large (reindeer?) farm, and camped at the home of a Warmshowers host who wasn’t even there (with their permission, of course).

Until next time!

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