Update: July 5th, 2019

Hey all!

Warning: apologetic reflection incoming.

Over the past couple weeks, I haven’t nearly as been proactive about posting stories about my travels as I thought I would be and I apologize for that. I set a very high bar for myself early on and continually struggled to find the time needed produce posts that were personally satisfactory while seeing the sights, eating, sleeping, resting, talking with locals, interacting with hosts, planning my travels, and of course, biking each and every day.

That said, I’ve decided to begin writing in short-form (e.g. using bullets to summarize the day’s notable occurrences followed by a gallery of photos) instead of long-form (full-on paragraphs with in-line photos throughout) for all future posts.

I hope this change will provide to be a good medium between managing to produce long-form posts every couple of days (and likely forgetting about certain events in the process) and not posting at all.

Thanks for your patience and, for those of you who are in the States, I hope you all you all had a lovely 4th of July. 🙂

Here’s to actually documenting this trip once again!


Quick Trip Update: Today marks my 40th day on the road. As mentioned before, my cousin, Frank, joined me a little over a week ago and, after having a downright epic ride through Badlands National Park today, we are now residing in a church in Wall, South Dakota, for the night.

Frank is very active on Instagram and posts frequent updates about the trip from his own perspective. Feel free to follow him on Instagram at @WildeAcrossAmerica

Also, Frank and I had a nasty collision a day ago, but fortunately, we both cycled away with functional bikes and no major injuries. I (amazingly) only ended up with some small cuts on various parts of my body and a small gash on my chin.

All I can say is… helmets, gloves, and long sleeves are amazing.

Until next time!

7 thoughts on “Update: July 5th, 2019

  1. Concerned about the crash. Did you two fall asleep at the wheel? Write when you can. Leave the guilt in South Dakota. Your fans will accept any and all posts (of any sort). Enjoy the views. Say hello to my beloved state of Wyoming. I am so jealous. My old knees and body couldn’t handle anything like you are doing. I continue to be so impressed. (If you do go into Jackson Hole, let me know in advance. I’ll direct you to my Aunt’s home, which may now be a restaurant. 2 blocks off the Antler Arch.) ENJOY!


    1. Nope! Basically, here’s how it went down: Frank passed me while cresting over a large hill and after over a hundred miles of riding through monotonous South Dakota plains, we were both dumbfounded by our first glimpse of a “Badlands National Park” kind of ridge that suddenly revealed itself to our left. About half way down the hill, Frank pulled tight on his brakes to stop and take a picture in the middle of the road, and I, looking at the ridge instead of the road while ALSO trying trying to get my camera out, slammed into his rear rack about a second or two later. Ended up flipping over my handlebars and did a somersault on the asphalt.

      Amazingly, I only ended up with a couple scrapes cuts and scrapes (largely due to the fact that I was wearing long sleeves, gloves, and a helmet at the time) and a slightly bent front wheel (which I was able to partially true the following morning). Frank came away unscathed, but his rear rack has a solid tilt to it.

      We both laugh about it now. 😛

      Thanks for the tip about Jackson Hole! As of now, I don’t think we’ll be going that far South, but if we do, I’ll definitely let you know.


  2. Thanks for all you share, Quinn. I have been desperately searching for your cell phone number. Just got in from a long road trip and checking you out on my “social”. If you are still in Rapid City or nearby and need a shower/laundry/ride, please call me at 207-415-0298. I’ll get you guys set up with my son. Figure you may be in Wyoming by now but just in case ….

    You are doing so well with everything. God bless you and keep you safe. Do what is best for you and enjoy your trip, and although everyone loves your posts… we’ll love them in the future, too! Warm regards, Lily


    1. Hey Lily! We were actually in Rapid City on July 6th and ended up staying with a couple we met in Badlands National Park. Thank you anyways! We very much appreciate the support. If you need to reach me in the future, my number is (201) 788-8386.


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