Day 22: Madison ‘n’ Chill

Date: June 17th, 2019

Miles Traveled: 0 (My first actual rest day! Woo!)

Weather: Good? (I don’t even know. I stayed inside a majority of the day)

Physical Status: Great

TL;DR: Binge-watched Netflix, took a walk, got a burrito, and went out with Megan & friends.

As I crept under the covers of Megan’s air mattress last night, here’s how I thought today was going to go:

“Hello Madison! Here… I… Come!” I would say, as I strutted proudly along the sidewalk as happy Wisconsin citizens waved to me, danced in the streets, and fed me cheese curds like grapes from a vine.

But alas, reality is often much more mundane than one’s expectations.

…and so, here’s how it actually went:

Upon waking up at 7:30am, I asked my body and legs a question: “do I want to do much today?”

“Nope,” said my body.

“Nope,” said my legs.

“Okay,” said my mind.

Thus, after Megan left for work, I proceeded to watch Our Planet on Netflix like the tree-hugging BBC Earth sucker that I am until 4:00pm, living off left over instant oatmeal, peanut butter, tortillas, and rice stored in my pannier for breakfast and lunch.

And honestly? It was pretty great.

I caught up on a blog post or two, scheduled Warmshowers hosts for the next three days, typed up contact info for all my previous hosts (for thank you’s and the like), submitted a couple of host reviews on Warmshowers, rested my legs, and most importantly, learned about the amaziness of the animal kingdom:

I mean would you just LOOK at this baby seal!

…who got eaten by a polar bear because loss of ice in the Arctic caused the baby’s mother, who could not build a den in a nonexistent ice ridge, had to leave its child out in the open. 😦

As heart-breaking as certain clips in the series were, I’d still highly recommend giving it a watch. Mother nature can be a cruel mistress and I always find it humbling to be reminded about the diversity and fragility of life. Also, who doesn’t like David Attenborough’s narration?


After I got to the second to last episode of Our Planet, I realized I had not seen the light of day for over 15 hours and my stomach was like “dude, stop eating rice and peanut butter. You need something substantial to eat. Wait… I need something substantial to eat.” And so, I took a walk around the block and got a burrito about the size of a small baby.

Stomach full and sense of purpose regained, I strolled down the sidewalk, saw a cool mural, and observed an (pickup?) volleyball game in a neat lil’ enclosed court for a bit:


Later in the night, Megan came back from work and we went out to a place referred to as “The Terrace” with a couple of her friends. The Terrace, I soon found out, was an enormous patio overlooking Lake Mendota, the large lake on the North side of the city. Dozens of tables and countless colorful chairs could be seen placed throughout the patio, taken up by hundreds of people enjoying a beautiful twilight scene:

After arriving at The Terrace, we met up with Megan’s friends, got some food from a small burger place, and conversed at one of the tables on the patio.

Oh, and I had good ol’ Wisconsin ice cream. 🙂

If you haven’t already noticed, I really like ice cream.


After Megan and I got back to her apartment, I swiftly went into an ice cream coma and awoke at 2:00am wondering what the hell I was still doing on the couch.

What can I say? It was good ice cream. 😉


Tomorrow, I’ll be heading Northeast from Madison to the tiny town of La Valle, Wisconsin, where I’ll be staying with yet another Warmshowers host.

(Seriously, this hospitality network is amazing.)

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Day 22: Madison ‘n’ Chill

  1. Hi Quinn, I’m a friend of your uncle John. He let me know of your trip and I’ve really enjoyed following your adventures. I grew up a few miles west of Madison and went to the UW, so I’ve especially enjoyed your rekindling memories of the Madison area. Babcock dairy ice cream on the Union Terrace — it doesn’t get much better than that. Except perhaps Wisconsin beer consumed in the Union Rathskeller. I’m looking forward to following the rest of your trip.

    Bill LeMasters

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Relieved to hear you embraced a day of rest to recharge Quinn. Be kind to yourself! Remember it is a journey, not a race. So many states, so many ice cream cones………….

    Liked by 1 person

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