Day 14: Goat Kids 4 Sale

Date: June 9th, 2019

Miles Traveled: 72

Weather: Cool and overcast. Tailwinds alllll day.

Physical Status: Tired but good.

TL;DR: Glorious tailwinds and Michigan bike paths.

At 5:30am, I woke up, packed up my tent, gotten eaten alive by mosquitos, and promptly rolled out of my stealth camping spot at around 6:15am.

Today, I would be traveling to Ann Arbor, Michigan, a city about 70 miles Southwest of my location. Though that may seem like a lot (and believe me, it is), the wind today was relentless… and it was all coming from the East.

That’s right, everybody. Today’s 70 miles felt like 35 and it. was. awesome.


After about a mile of riding along some county road, I hopped on a street called “26 Mile Rd.”, which was directly adjacent to “25 Mile Rd.” and “27 Mile Rd.”

…I can just imagine how that conversation went down:

Person 1: “So we just built a giant grid of county roads across the state of Michigan and we need names for all of them.”

Person 2: “Are they all the same length?”

Person 1: “Well yes, some of them are…

Person 2: “Fuck it, just take the length and slap ‘Road’ at the end. We can rename them later.”

Person 1: “But, but wouldn’t that–“

Person 2: “Listen, we barely have enough time or money to fix these damn roads let alone name them. Just do it, for your sanity and mine.”

…and thus Michigan’s finest road naming convention was born.


After about 10 miles on the appropriately named “26 Mile Rd.”, I hopped on a bike path called the Macomb Orchard Trail and proceeded to bike along a series of somewhat interlinked bike paths for the next 40 miles.

Enjoying swift tailwinds as I cruised along at 13-17mph, I passed by a number of beautiful forests, lakes, wetlands, and one hotshot on a mountain bike who thought he could outpace me.

Bitch, do you even know who I am? I’m basically Lance Armstrong from the waste down, motherfucker!

…and then some roadie in full lyrca blew by me without breaking a sweat.

“1 v. 1 me on an loaded bike, ya pansey!I yelled (but didn’t actually yell) into the distance.

Anyways, here’s some pics:

The Clinton River Trail:

Stopped at this nice lil’ boat launch along the creek for a bit.

Huron Valley Trail:

South Lyon Rail Trail:

I happened upon this awesome Girl Scout Silver Award Project right along the path. They painted over graffiti on the wall with chalkboard paint and provided chalk (seen in the small bag on the right) for trail-goers to write/draw whatever they please.

After getting off the last bike path, I traveled along a rough dirt road (one of many in Michigan it seems) towards a fairly busy highway called the Pontiac Trail. Quite a few miles and one entertaining sign later, I made it to Ann Arbor around 6:00pm:

I pedalled along some fairly busy roads and eventually turned off to ride up to my the home of my hosts for the night, Jen and Jon.

As I turned onto their street, I was quite intrigued by the architecture of many of the homes there:


Jen and Jon were exceptional hosts who clearly had a knack for interior decoration and design. We had a lovely dinner together consisting of burgers, asparagus, and Jon’s homemade pizza with some of their friends and fellow runners. I learned all about the upper peninsula of Michigan (something I later found out is referred to as the “U.P.”) and very much enjoyed listening to them talk about their own adventures, whether it be participating in multi-day running treks through the Michigan woods, getting invited to a running group dinner in which the primary spoken language was Chinese (a language they did not know whatsoever), and a spontaneous roadtrip to Chicago and back.

In the morning, Jon was nice enough to let me borrow his small screwdriver set and attempt fix my camera, which had a jammed lense assembly.

RIP camera:

Long story short, one of the lenses inside the camera (the little clear circular disc housed in the middle of the black lense on the right) was jiggling around inside the lense assembly and causing the jam. So, I placed the lense in it’s proper spot, reassembled the camera, and amazingly, it worked!

…for approximately 10 seconds.

After taking a couple decent pictures, I heard a little “tap tap tap” sound as I moved the camera about. Turns out, the lense that I placed had falled out of its compartment once more and I stood there, crushed.

“Welp, there goes two hours of my life,” I thought.

Sigh… A problem for another day…


Tomorrow, I’ll be touring through Ann Arbor for the day and will likely stealth camp somewhere in between Ann Arbor and Beaver Creek, where I’ll be staying with a family friend of my aunt’s.

Until next time!

11 thoughts on “Day 14: Goat Kids 4 Sale

  1. Hey Quinn.
    I think you’re amazing.
    That’s it.
    Loving your posts and admiring your tenacity.
    When you’re feeling low, remember how far you’ve come and remember that most people would have given up long ago.


  2. Your physical and mental strength make it look easy Quinn. Although flat bike trails,with great views and tailwinds sound appealing even to the likes of me! Relieved there was no comma in that goat sign. Keep rolling!


  3. this is Sarah, the cat lady from Chelsea on Warmshowers who (sadly) wasn’t home when you were heading through my area…I wish I had been! I’m sorry. I’m happy you enjoyed our many fine rail trails. Did you avail yourself of the Falling Waters Trail from Jackson to Concord?


  4. Really enjoying your blog and your adventure! Do not watch the movie Easy Rider until you get back to Jersey, but watch out for rednecks between Wisconsin and Seattle…. 😉 also you should read Zen ATAO Motorcycle Maintenance when you get to Montana!


  5. We had a great time hosting you, Quinn. I hope you were treated well by my fellow Michiganders as you traveled through. Safe travels and enjoy the rest of your trip.


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