Day 4: Just Canalway Things

Date: May 30th, 2019

Miles Traveled: 85

Weather: Partly cloudy with brief patches of sun.

Physical Status: “I fell asleep while writing this blog post”

TL;DR: 70-something miles of beautiful flat paved/gravel trails along the Mohawk River, a castle, corruption in Utica, and one badass kid in a horse and carriage.

At 7:15am this morning, we left the Stockade Historic District in Schenectady, New York and rode along the Erie Canalway, an amazingly flat, paved/gravel path that primarily runs along the Mohawk River. We rode on this path for miles…

…and miles…

…and miles…

…and miles…

…and then BAM!

We turned left down a random street in Amsterdam, New York and suddenly there’s a giant castle!

Turns out, it was a National Guard Armory built in 1895 and now functions as a hotel you can stay in, furnished with everything you would expect to be in, well… a castle. Ever wanted to bring out your inner royalty? Nows your chance!

…totally not an advertisement. I swear. 😉

After marveling over the castle, David and I traveled through downtown Amsterdam, stopped at a local Italian bakery, and rode through a neat lil’ park called Riverside Park, featuring a pedestrian bridge and a beautiful mosaic.

…and then we rode for miles…

…and miles…

…and miles…

…and miles…

you get the idea.

And then we hit Amish country…


As we continued along the Erie Canalway, we saw a plethora of Amish families fishing, barbecuing, and just straight up chilling along the canal, horse drawn carriages and all:

Seeing all of these people living such a simple life made me think… Maybe I should become Amish?

(Just kidding, Mom & Dad. I’m not there yet.)

On the path, we also passed by several historic buildings and landmarks right along the trail.

After cycling for what felt like another 50 miles, we got off the Erie Canalway, cycled along some busy highways and rural country roads, and made it to Utica at around 6:00PM:

Our hosts, Andy and Celeste, were a lovely couple with a fierce passion for justice and political reform. We ended up having a delicious dinner with them and a few of their friends and learned a bit about the history of Utica and the corruption going on in the city that Celeste and her colleagues have been striving to extinguish. They also gave us freshly baked cookies for when we set off in the morning… how fucking cool is that?

Tomorrow, we’ll be continuing to ride on the Erie Canalway to Syracuse, New York, where I’ll be staying with a friend of my mom’s.

Until next time!

15 thoughts on “Day 4: Just Canalway Things

  1. Another great sample of your day. How about a pic of the hosts 😉 Thank you.. please don’t be Amish! Safe travels! Love Mom


  2. Thank you for sharing your journey. I am enjoying your photos and commentary. And I love hearing about your hosts too! Safe travels Quinn!


    1. Haha, they’re an interesting community. In the post, it may seem like I’m poking fun at them. In reality, I just find their way of life so, so intriguing. Not in the “I should live that way” kind of sense, but in a “wow, I wonder what their perspective on life is” sort of sense.


  3. This is the best book I have read in a long time I am lol in my living room for only the 🐕 s to listen. Thank you quinn


    1. I found it hilarious as well. I was just chilling at this pizza place and all of a sudden I see this kid in the back of a horse-drawn carriage looking like a total boss. 10/10 will leave the community during rumspringa.


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