Day 2: Overcast with a Chance of Awesome

Date: May 28th, 2019

Miles Traveled: 83

Weather: Cool and overcast with continuous rain during a majority of the day.

Physical Status: Eyelids feel like bricks, but my body is hanging in there.

TL;DR: We biked, got soaked from head to toe… and it was awesome.

Waking up at 5:00am this morning, we skipped breakfast, packed up our gear, and set off along the U.S. State Bicycle Route (USSBR) #9 once more. After about 20 miles of cycling, we made it to Poughkeepsie, New York and took a small detour to ride over the Hudson River (*ahem* Estuary) on a path called the “Walkway Over the Hudson” and stopped to eat soon afterward. Bananas, peanut butter, and granola wrapped in a tortilla: a delicacy of the bike touring lifestyle.

After 10 more miles of riding, we briefly stopped at Theodore Roosevelt’s Home National Historic Site for another grand view of the Hudson Valley and had lunch at Rhinebeck Bagels in Rhinebeck, New York with probably the cutest Shiba Inu dog I have ever seen. Pictures don’t do it justice. Such cute. Wow.

Did I also mention the bagel place has Thin Mint cream cheese? Yeah, those Thin Mints. The “fuck it, I’m on a diet, but I’ll take 5 boxes anyway” kind. Bagel 7/10. Cream cheese 10/10.

…and then… the rain started. For the next couple of hours, we pedalled through Mother Nature’s wrath to the point where my shoes began to form lakes and make a deeply satisfying “squish” sound with every step. Some may say this sounds like a downright miserable experience… Yes, it can be… but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a shit-eating grin on my face while bombing down highways at 35mph. And hey, at least now we didn’t have to shower today! (just kidding, Mom)

After passing Bard’s College and going through some nice rural roads and somewhat busy highways, we made it to Hudson, New York at 2:00pm. We stopped at a neat coffee shop called “Moto” with a whole area dedicated to motorcycles, motorcycle antiques, and gear for sale.

We also saw this cool looking church:

Since we had gotten a couple of decent tail winds earlier in the day, David and I decided to travel further North to Schodack Island State Park to set up camp for the night, where we are currently staying.

Tomorrow, we’ll be riding 27 miles to Schenectady to rest our legs before another 80 mile (but far flatter) day on Thursday.

Until next time!

16 thoughts on “Day 2: Overcast with a Chance of Awesome

  1. Wow!! That was 1 heck of a 2nd day!! Keep up the posts and the excellent progress….I’m guessing you both sleep very well each night!


    1. Oh yes, definitely. I’ve been struggling to catch up on these blog posts lately because, once I get settled, it’s just so difficult to keep my eyes open, haha.


  2. LOve it,
    Great day albeit wet day,
    You are now in Hudson RIVER country.
    Enjoy the Albany/Troy/Schenectady area. A few hours south of our beloved LG
    From there you turn west. Give my best to THE HAWK when he comes at you.
    I look forward to tomorrow.


  3. Looks like a scenic ride (except for the rain). Hopefully, it is clear skies onwards. Enjoyed reading your post and imagining the ride with your photos. Schenectady is where I went to undergrad. at Union College – a beautiful campus with a landmark, Nott Memorial, at the center. Enjoy the trip.


    1. Oh, I didn’t realize you went there for undergrad. We stayed with a Warmshowers host in the Stockade Historic District and had the opportunity to walk around downtown area for an hour or two. It’s almost as if you can just FEEL the history behind each of the buildings.


    1. Thank you! 🙂 It’s certainly a grind to write after a long day of cycling, but I find it entertaining and I’m glad others do as well. Now if I could only manage to keep my eyes open…


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