Day 1: The Beginning

Date: May 27th, 2019

Miles Traveled: 62

Weather: Gorgeous with a cloudless sky. “Wear your sunscreen, kids”

Physical Status: “I’m going to sleep well tonight”

“The engine broke. They’re sending a rescue engine,” David texted me at 8:45pm last night while on a train from North Carolina to the concrete jungle of North Jersey. I ended picking David up from the Newark train station at 12:30am this morning. Following a 4 hour nap, we promptly set off from Glen Rock, New Jersey at 7:00am, eager to knock out a long and challenging first day of riding. It was Memorial Day. One of the best days to go for a bike ride.

We traveled East along the winding streets of suburban New Jersey, enjoying nearly empty streets and views of Memorial Day activities. Soon after making it to Piermont, what I like to call New Jersey’s “cycling Mecca”, we made our way up the Hudson coast, dipped underneath I-287, and continued on through Nyack Beach State Park.

After many miles of quiet roads, highways, and a long climb up to Jones Point, we descended towards the Purple Heart Memorial Bridge just after Bear Mountain State Park.

We continued along the U.S. State Bicycle Route (USSBR) #9 all the way to Fishkill, New York, where we are currently camping in the backyard of our generous hosts, Pauline, and her husband, who are both professional artists on the side. Did you know that the Hudson River flows both ways? Pauline blew my mind today.

Tomorrow, we continue along the USSBR #9 in hopes of reaching Schenectady, New York this Wednesday.

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Day 1: The Beginning

  1. Thanks for the update, Quinn.
    Love the photos.
    Love bear mountain bridge.
    Yes the Hudson is a tidal estuary near NYC and Westchester et al.
    Much of a head wind?
    Keep on reporting

    Liked by 1 person

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